CURRENT Initiatives

Texas Impact EcoSystem Map. 

This field building initiative is a collaboration between SIIA andI Impakt a social enterprise consultancy. Our goal is to build greater connectivity between different the philanthropic, business, finance and faith communities to identify their impact interests and centralize it. We believe that an ecosystem map can be a useful tool to encourage partnerships and greater cooperation between groups and lead to larger scale projects and positive impacts. 

Click here to view the Map:

The Texas Impact Alliance

SIIA is a founding member organization of the Texas Impact Alliance who’s goal is to scale impact in Texas by:

  1. Connecting Community

  2. Collecting and Sharing Data for Analysis and to Inform Conversations

  3. Facilitating Collaboration among Members

  4. Helping Impact Businesses Grow

“We are currently in the midst of building the Steering Committee to bring cross state representation to help lead and drive this collaborative effort with the goal of scaling impact in the state of Texas”.

Research Projects:

  • Funding Types and Levels of Texas Based Businesses with Female Founders (click here to access)

  • Public pensions and the opportunity to invest in local communities: A Texas Context

  • Impact Investing for the Rest of Us: An Open Source Directory of Impact Investing services/platforms for non-accredited investors. (Project Currently in Beta Mode)

    Contributors Welcome: Click the link to view and/or participate: Link

  • Opportunities for a Texas wide Ecological Offset program, i.e Carbon, Storm water, and other credits. Link

  • Harris County Carbon Fee and Dividend Program

Additional Activities:

  • Working with the University of St. Thomas Cameron School of Business Houston the ICUSTA impact investing conference May 24th, 2019.

  • Working with the University of St. Thomas Cameron School of Business Houston on a pitch competition with cash prizes for best business idea and social enterprise April 27th.

The 100 Entrepreneurs Initiative

Identify and help support 100 small entrepreneurs

in the Houston area over the next five years and connect them to

 innovate financial resources and technical support

•Goal: Build wealth in communities via entrepreneurship

The Southern Impact Investing Alliance is a KIVA Trustee

(Initiative paused)

Angel Investor Network:

•(Long Term Initiative) Building a regional community of angel investors and entrepreneurs to tackle some of the world’s most intractable challenges